10-12 May 2022

Session Information

14-May, 12:30 - 14:00

The Modern Slavery Act: Implications for design and construction


Modern Slavery Acts are now in place at both the state (NSW) and Federal level in Australia, after many years of discussion and debate. This session will provide an overview of the legislation, and the implications for the design and construction industries. The discussion will cover both corporate and project-level responses, and help attendees understand how they can prepare help ensure that their organisations and projects comply with the regulations.

There will be brief presentations on different aspects of the changes will be followed by a panel discussion. Francesca Muskovic (Property Council of Australia) will talk about what clients will need from their supply chains, and the PCA’s planned pre-qualification platform for suppliers. Joe Karten (Built) will talk about how the legislation will impact construction projects and what contractors will need from clients, designers and suppliers. Jacqui Wagar (Stylecraft) will talk about what they’re hearing from the market and what, as a supplier, they’re doing to prepare for the arrival of the legislation

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